Wake up smarter.

Enhance your coffee with natural ingredients clinically proven to boost focus and lower stress.


Better focus

Lower Stress

Plant-based, flavor neutral

Clinically proven to harness caffeine and generate more time "in the zone" (higher alpha brainwaves).

Clinically proven for improved stress response to caffeine (more headspace).

All-natural ingredients from mother earth, that won't affect the taste of your coffee.

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What our coffee lovers say

“It feels like my normal coffee, but like I just had a great night's sleep.”

“It really evens out the spikes and crashes I normally get from coffee.”

- Erin B.

“Normal coffee gets me moving, but focus sticks help me with thinking AND doing.”

- Greg M.

- Trevor S.

20-Pack Focus Sticks

  • Optimal daily blend of L-Theanine and Alpha GPC
  • Squeeze a stick into a cup of coffee and enjoy
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